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Edwards and Associates assessment, design and final Waste Water Management Report is committed to providing environmentally friendly waste water solutions, products and services.  

We understand and respect your property investment.  As waste water management consultants, we strive to identify the best, unbiased, affordable, timely advice and result for you.

Client liaison is crucial for our combined success. We discuss and provide you with a client document checklist that helps us complete accurate reporting.  

In broad terms, your Waste Water Report from Edwards and Associates includes desk top studies that include the proposed development, geology, soils and local hydrology.

Site classifications, site and soil evaluation, unique site facts and statistics, detailed site plan and on -  site waste water management design recommendations. 

Your Report Inclusions

Everyone wants value for money and expert, professional advice.  

Whether your property is city residential, rural, commercial, a local authority, government or industry project, Edwards and Associates will deliver dependable and professional  design.   

Our success and in turn your project success, is owed to the diligent, accurate and detailed scope of works prepared by Edwards and Associates Consultants.  

You will read about your site classification information – facts and statistics, local authority information, disposal area site assessment, site factors including any site limitations and design constraints. 

Site and Soil Assessment. This includes soil data collection, bore logs, percolations and permeability testing.  Site and Soil Assessment is best performed by a waste water consultancy before any installation of an onsite waste water treatment system occurs.   

A Site and Soil Assessment is a mandatory requirement for local council in south east Queensland.  

This is true for a new or existing unsewered block.  Or if your project involves an existing or replacement septic system. 

Your report scope of works will include the recommended on - site waste water disposal system design best suited to your property. 

Design drawings included, technical information and statistics on surface irrigation disposal area.  Information about the recommended on - site waste water disposal system installation, operation and maintenance.

Rehabilitation planting – gardening, landscaping and turf considerations best suited to your report results.   

Complimentary Report Inclusion

Edwards and Associates Waste Water Management Report includes one complimentary round of alterations to an existing drawing. 

We prepare all neccesary council forms for lodgement complimentary as part of our service. 

Thereafter further alterations or  re - draws required are communicated to you and agreed to in writing. 


View documents of interest that will assist your property's Waste Water Management Reporting courtesy of Edwards and Associates. 

free preparation of all necessary council forms for lodgement as part of our service promise to you.

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