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What do you charge for a Waste Water Report?

All Waste Water Management Reports prepared by  Edwards and Associates Consultants are a fixed price contract.  We offer one complimentary round of project alterations.  Thereafter, further project alterations or re - draws will be communicated and negotiated in writing to you.

Can I make my own submission to my council?

Yes you can.  Using your Edwards and Associates Waste Water Management Report,  you can make application to your council using their required documents and permits to gain successful submission.

What is the full service Edwards and Associates provide?

Your onsite waste water disposal design is site specific and is designed using practical options, waste water treatment considerations, effluent dispersal and servicing options that meet both public health and environment objectives while complying with government regulations. 

Edwards and Associates prepare complimentary, all necessary council forms for lodgement as part of our service.

We are very comfortable and confident in providing these services for you.  For most of our clients, it is the most cost effective, time efficient and stress free decision they make - trusting our expertise and experience to get their onsite waste water disposal system design over the line. 

How long would my application be with council?

Councils can differ slightly with their approval process. In our experience, allow 2 to 3 weeks for the application process to be complete.  Should your council require further clarification or information, that time frame will be pushed out. 

What information do you need from me?

The more information you provide, the better the design.  View or download our Document Checklist for Clients. 

What we need from you

What treatment systems are available today?

To read about different types of systems available, view or download our Treatment Systems Available Today Document.

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If you have approved plans for your property or project, send them to Edwards and Associates so we can prepare your Waste Water Management Report. 

Our professional consultants look forward to speaking with you and preparing your report.  

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